Samstag , 25 März 2023
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Jet Ski

Ocean Dreams organizes Ocean Safari’s

That’s correct! A safari on the water ..

Follow us on a typical trip ..

We start from our home base Galu Beach on our brand new Jetski’s.
After a short cruise along the coastline we circle around the Chale Island, allowing you to see the ocean’s force to the fullest. It’s a spectecular sight to see how the ocean carved the rocks over the ages. Because of the clear and shallow water you can see the sea creatures swimming underneath.

The Island boasts an exclusive resort, only accessible over water. We have a closer look and sail out to the ocean where, with a little luck, we can watch dolphins play. Enjoying the deep blue ocean with its water splashing around your toes, you feel like a true captain!

We continue towards the natural mangrove forests, providing coastal protection in the event of hurricanes or tsunamis. These mangroves play an essential role in the coastline’s eco-system.
Because of the shallow draft of our jetski’s, we can sail through the mangroves where experience being in the jungle on water, with all it’s beautiful exotic wildlife and sights.

We go on with our exploration to a deserted beach, where our inner strenghs are replenished with a snack and a drink, with dancing and music…
This is also the place for a surprise act, carried out by our local entertainers.

Unfortunately, this concludes our ocean safari and we return along the shoreline to our departure point.



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